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Trenorol is an anabolic supplement that simulates the effects of anabolic steroid Trenbolone, but without its side effects. This supplement works on the basis of three main ingredients such as Beta Sitosterolmm, Samento Inner Bark and Nettle Leaf Extract.

In this sense, the product will produce increased lean muscle, improve physical performance and reduce fat.

Trenorol Legal & Natural Alternative to Trenbolone South Africa

But is this true or is it just good internet fraud? Here I analyze the real effects of this supplement.


Trenorol is an legal trenbolone alternative designed to stimulate nitrogen retention in muscle tissue. It also promotes the production of red blood cells, and increases blood flow.

In addition, Trenorol supports recovery, increased energy, and endurance during intense exercise.

This will no doubt help to gain muscle mass, because recovery time is needed to achieve this.


Trenorol has an effect similar to Trenbolone, and is androgenic. This helps muscles to increase the available nitrogen to create more muscle.

Nitrogen helps increase blood flow and this allows you to increase blood supply to your muscle mass to build muscle quickly.

Trenorol has been considered a safe and alternative product for trenbolone steroids.

It should be noted that most of those who have consumed it are very satisfied with the results achieved.


where to buy Trenorol in South Africa

The Trenorol serves natural ingredients and which also has sufficient scientific support. Furthermore, the product components are as follows:

Beta Sitosterol (600mg)

This is a plant-derived substance that is present in large quantities in nature (all plants have, in large or fewer amounts). Usually obtained from soybeans, corn or sunflower.

Its benefits mainly lie in its effectiveness in combating bad cholesterol, preventing its fixation.

Beta sitosterol helps maintain testosterone levels in the body, and thus participates in the conservation and synthesis of muscle mass.

Samento Inner Bark (100mg)

Samento Inner Bark stimulate the immune system and have an anti-aromatase effect, which will allow the body to enjoy large amounts of free testosterone.

At high doses, Samento Inner can cause abdominal pain, intestinal disorders and trigger diarrhea.

With a dose of 100mg, Crazy Bulk Trenorol is safe to use.

Nettle Leaf Extract (100mg)

Nettle Leaf, rich in iron and calcium, are known for their diuretic properties and can also reduce joint pain by acting as a natural anti-inflammatory.

On the other hand, are not suitable for people with asthma and heart and kidney problems.

Pepsin (25mg)

This is an enzyme that helps digestion of food, especially protein. This will function primarily to improve and improve the function of digestion and assimilation of proteins.


The formula of this product promotes muscle formation. It also supports fat burning or adipose tissue and makes it possible to achieve better physical performance, thus reaching a firmer body.

Other benefits of Trenorol are legal and safe Trenbolone alternative, leaving the risk of adverse effects in the body.

This does not cause water retention and is not toxic to important organs such as the kidneys or liver.


Trenorol comes in pill form, 90 pills per bottle.

You take trenorol pills 3 capsules per day, you should take it 30 minutes before going to the gym.

To get the best results, you must use Trenorol for at least two months. For volume cycles, you can use the product for two months and rest for two weeks.


As you know, this supplement is easy to use, because with pills, you only need to drink it as recommended. Also, you can buy it without a prescription. The benefits are very numerous.

In addition, because it is ingested orally and not injected, the risk of complications is zero.

The advantage is that this supplement can be very effective so you can get results in the first month.


There were no cases of side effects reported. However, there may be some undesirable effects such as:

  • Abdominal sensitivity
  • For people who sweat a lot, there may be a greater loss of zinc.

The instructions are to take three capsules per day, at the same time as water and about 30 minutes before exercising.

The best results are obtained using the product for at least two months combined with proper exercise and diet programs.

As in any product and especially if it is a supplement to gain muscle mass, it is important that everything is known about it before it starts to be used.



  • Increased nitrogen retention and protein synthesis are both important for muscle growth.
  • Increased red blood cell count makes the muscles get more oxygen.
  • Increase resistance, strength and recovery in each exercise.
  • This increases the body’s ability to extract nutrients such as protein in food.
  • This inhibits excessive production of cortisol which causes loss of muscle mass.


  • The price can be rather high.
  • If cholesterol drugs are taken, they can reduce the effects of Trenorol.

It is important that this supplement is used correctly, to achieve the goal of increasing muscle mass.

Also, it is important that you eat a balanced diet rich in protein and other nutrients.

In addition, you can accompany the process with a well-designed training routine.


Trenorol Before and After Results Photos From Real Customers


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