9 Things You Need to Know Before Gym

Lately, more and more fitness centers have been opened in malls or in housing. Increasingly intense competition among these fitness centers has caused sales officers to aggressively offer membership, along with the benefits provided. So you don’t regret being forced to pay a few million just to come occasionally, follow the following question guide that you need to understand before deciding to join a fitness center.

1. Is spending money on fitness an investment in yourself?

If you don’t have the commitment and self-discipline to shape your body, attending a gym can be a waste of money. So, before you search for a location to gym, think carefully are you serious about exercising? Now is the time for you to determine a routine schedule for practice, and what your sports goals are. Make a plan, and write it down.

2. Is the gym far away from your home?

Research states, if the gym you go to is more than 12 minutes away from home, you will likely find an excuse not to go at all. Look for a gym that can be reached on foot, or if you will come with a private vehicle, look for a secure parking.

3. Is there a free period?

Most fitness centers provide a free week-long trial period. Ask if the gym you are going to offer is this? Because, if you try there and like it, it’s likely that you will register as a member. Try to visit the gym at a time that suits your free time, as well as to see the level of busyness. Also, whether the equipment you want to use is available at this time.

4. How long has the gym been operating?

Changes in the owner or name of the gym can show how this business works. If you do not want to find the risk of change and are busy with administrative matters, then you should choose another gym.

5. What are the advantages?

Find out as much as possible what is included in the membership fee. Do not let you suddenly have to pay more for yoga classes or towels that you use for bathing. Ask also, is there a discount if you come with a friend. Additional, such as hairdryers, shampoo and more are included?

6. The trainer?

Find out the qualifications of the trainers. Don’t let you be trained by just anyone. Because special certification is needed and it is proven that it is truly permissible to train. This is important so that you can achieve your goals in getting the weight or body shape you want. Usually fitness centers will charge more for individual trainers. But there are also those who give trainer mentoring sessions twice at the beginning of your joining. Don’t hesitate to ask, especially if you’ve paid.

7. What is the group program like?

Each person has their own preferences. Some like to take part in group classes, some prefer to be guided directly, some prefer to follow the rhythm of the song. If you are a more motivated personal type in group activities, look for a fitness club that offers classes with various types of yoga, aqua aerobics, or others.

8. Do I have to queue to use the tool?

This is a question that women often forget. If you only have 1 hour to practice, and have to wait to use your favorite tool, your money is useless. Because, you will only wait while playing, instead of actually using your time to practice. If you have to queue to use the tool, it means the gym is really too full or lacks equipment.

9. Can you train without having to become a member?

If you are still not sure of your discipline, and still want to try first, ask if you can enter the gym without becoming a member? There are several gyms that allow visitors to pay per arrival. Or, if you don’t have time to exercise to the gym because there’s nothing close, buy health books that provide a step-by-step exercise guide. Or, buy an exercise DVD, and practice at home. Free, and economical.

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